– Spring into Summer Contest

Spring into Summer ContestHi there,

I’m Quinn and I love all things green!

I’m giving away over $3000 in BehindTheCounter’s Spring into Summer contest.  Enter the Spring into Summer Contest for a chance to get some Green of your own!

Behind the Counter is sharing over $3000 worth of green with you!

Winners for the Spring into Summer Contest are chosen randomly.

Visa gift cards

Visa Gift Cards can be used at any merchant location that accepts Visa.








1 point = 1 contest entry…and you get 100 points just by signing up for the contest! Easy Peasy!  I think of points like a raffle ticket. The more you have the better your odds!  The more active you are in the contest, the more you increase your chances of winning some serious GREEN!

List of Prizes:

1  – $1000 in Visa Gift cards
1 – $500 Visa Gift card
3 – $100 Visa Gift cards
10 – $50 Visa Gift cards
15 – $50 Visa Gift cards
20 – $25 Visa Gift cards

Contest Winner Results:

1st Prize: $1000 in Visa Gift Cards => mannacon
2nd Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card => zoots324
3rd Prize: $100 Visa Gift Card => DeftonesGirly69
4th Prize: $50 Visa Gift Card => chermustang
5th Prize: $25 Visa Gift cards => sharagovind

Ready to Spring into Summer?  Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Sign Up by entering your email address in the box below & you’ll get a unique URL to use for whenever you talk about our contest.  The link makes sure you get credit for all of your efforts.  You get points for spreading the news about Behind the Counter all over the Internet!

The Spring into Summer Contest has ended.’s Spring into Summer contest is powered by ContestBurner.  In order to locate your links and administer the contest correctly, please check for an email with the subject:  Contest Burner Account Setup.

Bonus Prizes:

All throughout the contest I’ll also be rewarding people that go the extra mile! That doesn’t “necessarily” mean people with the most points… Impress me by doing something creative that’s “very cool” to get points…I dig that stuff.

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Step 2: Start earning points.

1. Join the contest – 100 points

It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

2. Like Behind the Counter – Coupons & Discounts on Facebook – 200 POINTS for clicking a button!

Like us, you know you want to!

3. Facebook Wall Comment (Using your unique link to our Contest) – 50 Points (max of 300 points daily)

Our system will automatically track this!  Just make a comment on your Facebook wall using YOUR special link to the Spring into Summer contest.  That’s it!

Every time you do this – you get 50 points!  But hey, do it in moderation, DO NOT spam your own friends.

4. Activate the Facebook App (EASY) – 500 points

5.  Our Pre-Done Tweet (Auto-Tweet) – 5 Points

Just fill in your information and allow us to AUTO-post a Tweet to your account.  It’s 100% safe and private.

6.  Our Pre-Done Facebook Message (Auto Facebook) – 5 Points

Same as #5 above, but using Facebook.

7. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel (BTCcoupons) -  200 Points

8. Review any merchant on -  200 Points (max of 2000 points daily)

Super easy way to earn 2000 Points each day!

Write a short review or experiences you’ve had with the merchants listed on  We’re interested in typical experiences.  Good or bad, we want to know.

If you’ve had one bad experience, but tons of good ones, be fair and tell the whole story.

That’s it, write about your experiences and get 200 points!  Pick any merchant on BehindTheCounter, hit ‘comments’ and tell your story.

*Don’t forget to include your contest username.

*Comment reviews are manually approved.  Duplicate reviews & spammy comments will not be approved.*

9.  Leave a Comment Post Using the Facebook Widget – 100 Points (max of 600 points daily)

Same as #8 above, but using the Facebook Comment Widget on

10. Points for Tweets – 10 Points (max of 200 points daily)

Points are given for new tweets containing our Twitter username “BTCcoupons”  OR the url “” .

11.  Re-Tweet BTCcoupons Favorite Account Tweets – 200 Points each (

We’ll  be doing MULTIPLE Favorite tweets everyday.  Every time we do, we’ll let you know.  Make sure to just Re-Tweet it.

You’ll have a chance to earn 200 points a piece Multiple times a day.

The system will detect that you did it and give you points for it!

Note: Tweet points come in slow, so please be patient for your points to update.

12. Submit a YouTube Comment Response to My Video – 10 Points

13.  Create a video about the contest or this website and upload it to YouTube.  - 200 Points
Just be sure to copy & paste our web address into the very first part of your video description.

14. Submit a YouTube Video as a Response to My Video – 10,000 Points

Yes, you read that right! This is the easiest way to get 10,000 points!

Plus I’ll pick my favorites and put them on Behind the Counter – a great chance to promote YOURSELF!

Tell me your big Spring into Summer plans. What would you do with the Grand Prize Green?

15.  Refer Someone to the Contest – 1000 Points

When anyone clicks YOUR link and then joins the contest, you’ll get 1000 free points for doing nothing!

Spread your unique BTC link around the web and watch the points roll in!

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